Donald Trump just gained support from this one unlikely source

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The former president has a long list of enemies who want to see him fail. But one group of his opponents have changed their tune.

And Donald Trump just gained support from this one unlikely source.

At the beginning of the 2024 election cycle, a large group of Republicans wanted someone besides former President Donald Trump to become the GOP nominee for president.

Most of them might think of themselves as “Never Trumpers” and would even consider voting for a third-party candidate instead of Trump in the general election.

But now some of those Republicans are changing their tune because of how awful President Joe Biden has been as commander-in-chief.

Eric Levin, a Republican fundraiser and supporter of former GOP presidential candidate Nikki Haley, told Fox News that he’s not going to be happy when he pulls the lever for Trump this November but he’s willing to do it to stop Biden from winning reelection.

“It is not an enthusiastic vote. I am left with no alternative,” Levine said.

He had previously sent out a message to donors of the Republican Party and informed them that he would indeed be supporting Trump despite vowing that he “never” would again after the events of January 6, 2021 took place.

“The adage of ‘never say never’ is a wise one,” Levine’s message said.

Andrew Smith, the Director of the University of New Hampshire Survey Center, said to Fox News that others like Levine will bite the bullet and end up supporting the former president as opposed to the alternative which is Joe Biden.

“I think as we get closer to the election, after Labor Day, I believe most anti-Trump voters from the primaries will end up supporting Trump,” Smith said.

In 2016, a large group of Republicans viewed themselves as part of the “Never Trump” camp and declined to vote for him that year.

However, they realized that it wasn’t the right strategy to do so as it could help get a Democrat in power.

And since President Biden has proven that another four years of him being in office would be an absolute disaster, most of these “Never Trumpers” are fine with plugging their nose so to say, and casting their ballot for Trump this year.

“When the hardcore reality sets in,” individuals will then say, “I’m going to vote for Trump because his policies are right,” Maryls Popma, an Iowa Republican who supported Nikki Haley, said on Fox News.

Haley herself has not committed to endorsing or voting for Trump yet, but it looks like some of her supporters are.

They know what hangs in the balance.

And that’s a second Biden/Harris term which would be destructive for the country.

It’s likely that the Republican Party will unite more and more around Donald Trump as we get closer to the presidential election this fall.

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