Border Patrol publishes incriminating report that has Biden dead to rights

Joe Biden

Biden’s border crisis is worse than the White House is letting on. But now he has nowhere to hide.

And Border Patrol published an incriminating report that has Biden dead to rights.

According to the Washington Post, border migration increased by 30% in July, despite assurances by President Joe Biden’s pro-migration border director that new rules are lowering illegal migration.

The numbers are shown by raw data collected by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, said the Washington Post:

U.S. agents made more than 130,000 arrests along the Mexico border last month, preliminary figures show, up from 99,545 in June.

The Post said that the Texas government is attempting to stop people from crossing the Texas-Mexico border, which may be one reason why the migration has increased in Arizona:

Large groups of migrants from Mexico, Central America, and Africa have been crossing in recent weeks through the deserts west of Nogales, Arizona, to surrender to U.S. agents, straining CBP holding facilities and transportation capacity.

The influx comes as top officials tell border officers not to stop or block migrants, but instead to focus on registering and letting them into the United States:

The Post’s story on the July 100,000 figure does not specify how many were excluded or flown back to their native countries.

The Post also reported that officials welcomed an extra 50,000 economic migrants to cross the border through the quasi-legal “CPB One” scheduling software:

Authorities allowed an additional 50,000 migrants to cross into the United States in July, primarily through Biden administration programs allowing asylum-seekers to schedule appointments at U.S. ports of entry using the CBP One mobile application.

The Post’s July 130,000 figure also ignores the approximately 30,000 illegal migrant “gotaways” who slip across the border, as well as the approximately 30,000 migrants invited to fly from their home countries through the airport parole program.

Over and above the announced 130,000, additional inflows bring at least 100,000 migrants per month into American towns, housing, and workplaces.

However, if border chief Alejandro Mayorkas allows 100,000 of July’s 130,000 arrivals to stay, the July inflow would be around 200,000 migrants.

The 200,000 every month would total approximately 2.4 million per year. This influx results in around two border migrants for every three American births.

Just take a minute to take that in. The illegals that are coming into this country – that we know of – almost add as many to the population as American citizens do.

But there isn’t an agenda underneath all this right?

We’ll let you decide.

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