Former White House official calls out Biden in the worst way imaginable

Ron Klain

Some Leftists are growing tired of the president’s poor decision-making. But this individual isn’t afraid to voice his complaints.

As a former White House official calls out Biden in the worst possible way.

Ron Klain, a former White House chief of staff for Joe Biden, wasn’t shy in his latest critiques of the president.

Klain was caught on a leaked tape saying that Biden is more concerned with a “f*cking bridge” than the economy.

The audio (which was received by Politico) of the remarks came from a “Democracy: A Journal of Ideas” event on April 4.

The former chief of staff noted that “the president is out there too much talking about bridges” while United States citizens are struggling with the poor economy.

“He does two or three events a week where he’s cutting a ribbon on a bridge. And here’s a bridge. Like, I tell you, if you go into the grocery store, you go to the grocery store and, you know, eggs and milk are expensive, the fact that there’s a f*cking bridge is not [inaudible],” Klain continued.

“He’s not a congressman. He’s not running for Congress. I think it’s kind of a fool’s errand. I think that [it] also doesn’t get covered that much because, look, its a f*cking bridge. Like it’s a bridge, and how interesting is the bridge? It’s a little interesting but it’s not a lot interesting.”

When confronted about his harsh criticism towards Biden in the audio from the event, Klain tried to go a different direction and praise Joe Biden and his administration’s alleged successes. But Klain did emphasize the importance of the economy and how it needs to be improved quickly before the 2024 election.

“The president’s most effective economic message is contrast around whose side are you on, and compassion for the [pinch] of family budgets, and his agenda to bring down costs and raise incomes – and that lauding achievements – especially ones with abstract benefits – is less persuasive with voters,” he said.

Groceries, gas, and other household needs have risen in cost since Biden entered the Oval Office over three years ago.

Yet, the Biden administration will still try and gaslight Americans that the economy is actually in a great spot.

And like Klain suggests, the president seems to want to prioritize infrastructure instead of working on the economy.

In March, Joe Biden went to Wisconsin and Michigan to tout a $3.3 billion infrastructure bill.

White House Deputy Press Secretary Andrew Bates decided to discuss Klain’s remarks from the released audio in a statement of his own to Politico.

“Like Ron says, President Biden is crisscrossing the country building on his State of the Union message, highlighting that he is fighting to grow the middle class and lower costs like prescription drugs while blocking the trickle-down agenda Republican officials have proposed on behalf of rich special interests, including Medicare cuts and tax giveaways to big corporations,” Bates said.

Bates of course failed to mention how Biden’s “Bidenomics” economic policy has had almost zero success.

He also didn’t mention how inflation has soared during the president’s first term in office.

But that’s the strategy of the Democrats and the Biden administration. They have to do everything they can to try and distract voters from the fact that the economy has been a disaster under Joe Biden’s leadership.

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