Kamala Harris just made a bold prediction that will have your head spinning

kamala harris

Politicians should have a certain degree of confidence. But what Harris did, is borderline insane.

Because Kamala Harris just made a bold prediction that will have your head spinning.

The pressures of the 2024 presidential election are starting to fill the minds of candidates hoping to be elected next November.

But Vice President Kamala Harris doesn’t seem to be feeling that same pressure.

In an interview with CBS Mornings, Harris said, “We will win re-election. There is too much at stake and the American people know it.”

Not only did the Vice President confidently predict a win for her and Joe Biden, but she also used the opportunity to tout his effectiveness as a leader.

“I work with Joe Biden every day. The work that under Joe Biden’s leadership our administration has accomplished is transformative. I think the American people, most of all, want a leader who actually gets things done.”

According to a CNN poll, Biden trails almost every Republican candidate.

And he’s practically tied with Donald Trump in a new RealClearPolitics poll.

Kamala Harris seems to think that the American people want more of Biden despite his utter failures as president.

Because of things like soaring inflation, high gas prices, the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan, and countless gaffes that prove he’s lacking in the mental capacity department, U.S. citizens are looking for a change from Joe Biden.

This sentiment is seen in the President’s approval ratings, which are 40.1% favorable and 55.9% unfavorable, according to RealClearPolitics.

As for Harris, her approval rating doesn’t fair much better, sitting at 36.8% favorable and 55.2% unfavorable.

Republicans also seem to rebuke her claims that voters want more of Biden because they know there’s “too much at stake.”

“Correct. There is too much at stake. Under #PresidentBiden: – inflation is up, – crime is up, – American leadership is in decline. Americans know who will #MakeAmericaGreatAgain. Again,” Congressman Max Miller (R-OH) said in a social media post.

Voters also believe that at 80, Biden is too old to run for another term, yet alone continue on as Commander in Chief.

In a recent poll published by the Wall Street Journal, 73% of registered voters believe Joe Biden shouldn’t run for re-election because of his age.

Vice President Harris can be cocky all she wants, but the truth is, winning a second term will be nothing short of difficult for her and the President.

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