Top Democrat shoves their foot in their mouth with this idiotic claim

Jerry Nadler (D-NY)

Democrats are always trying to protect their political image. There’s no low some won’t stoop to.

And this top Democrat shoved their foot in their mouth with this insane claim.

House Republicans have been going on the offensive as of late, holding up the promises that they made during the 2022 midterm elections.

Holding Joe Biden and his Democrat lackeys responsible was one of them.

So when the Democrat Manhattan DA brought indictment charges against Donald Trump in an obvious political move, the House Republicans came to Trump’s defense.

Recently, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) and Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH) announced that they would be holding a hearing in New York on the rising crime there.

They want to figure out why the Manhattan DA is going after a former President with sham indictment charges when his city has been brought to its knees due to crime.

Democrat Jerry Nadler (D-NY) discussed the hearing with the New York Post, saying that the hearing is completely uncalled for and said that there is no rise in crime in New York.

“We will show the essentially fraudulent nature of what Jim Jordan and company are claiming about the crime rates in New York and compared to other cities, including Republican-led cities,” Nadler said to the New York Post.

He also said that the Republicans trying to seek answers for the rise in crime in New York are just trying to “obstruct justice” of the Trump indictment trial.

“And we will talk about how this whole hearing is part of Jim Jordan and the Republicans’ general attempts to obstruct justice and to attack the DA in Manhattan and to obstruct justice in the Trump case,” he said.

According to the New York Post, violent crime statistics in the southside of Manhattan are up 34% in 2022 compared to 2021, while the north side of Manhattan has seen a 14.5% increase in violent crime.

2022 was the first year of Alvin Bragg, the new Manhattan DA, being in office.

There’s simply no arguing that crime in New York is on the rise, and to argue otherwise is to be completely oblivious or extremely deceitful.

Of course, the Democrats don’t want you to know that there are extreme violent crime increases in their utopian (dystopian) states like New York and California.

They would much rather have the media pay attention to the Trump nonsense instead of the real victims of violent crime in Democrat-controlled cities and states.

There’s a reason why California has started to see its first net population decreases in all of recorded American history in the past few years.

The same goes for New York.

Americans are looking at these hell holes and acknowledging that they’d be a lot happier elsewhere.

Corrupt Democrat DA’s like Alvin Bragg spending all their time on political games is a part of the reason why crime is exploding in these areas.

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