Democrat senator makes a horrific admission about his party’s disturbed plan for Americans

Senator Chris Murphy

The Left will stop at nothing to win elections. Even if that means harming U.S. citizens in the process.

And this Democrat senator makes a horrific admission about his party’s disturbed plan for Americans.

Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) posted on social media that he doesn’t believe that the Democrat Party is able to win elections through just their policies.

However, he did say that Democrats can instead win by helping to organize war between wealth classes in America.

“A new study showing that 4 out of 5 Democratic candidates don’t talk about billionaire and corporate power,” Murphy said in a post on X.

The study Murphy was referencing showed that Democrats have seen a decline in support from the working class for over 10 years.

So after analyzing that study, the senator figured that it was time to start a war between the classes in order to gain the working class’ support back to the Left.

“Democrats cannot win if we just talk about programs. We need to tell a story – about how the concentration and wealth & power is ruining America,” Murphy continued in his post.

Murphy was hit with a large amount of criticism for his post, with many X users suggesting that he basically admitted that the policies of the Left don’t work in attracting voters.

“It’s Marxism 101. Create an oppressor class, create an oppressed class, and pit them against each other. Democrats have been doing a very good job of it, but Murphy wants even more,” on X user said in response to Murphy’s original post.

“in other words, Democrats need to appeal to people’s resentments and class warfare. (And before anyone types ‘what about,’ I don’t like the Republican populist version of that, either),” another user said.

“Here’s Chris Murphy confessing that the only way Democrats can win is through division and class warfare. Thanks, Chris. We already knew that. You disgrace,” Grateful Calvin, a conservative commentator expressed.

So it looks like Sen. Murphy said the quiet part out loud.

Democrats’ policies are failing and they’re failing tremendously.

So the only way to get voters on their side is to start a war between the classes.

That sounds like the radical Left in a nutshell.

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