Democrat teams up with Trump leaving Leftists with their hair on fire

Tulsi Gabbard

Donald Trump has attracted support from across party lines before. But this took things to a whole new level.

And a Democrat teams up with Trump leaving Leftists with their hair on fire.

Former President Donald Trump and advisors from his campaign have met with former Democrat Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI), according to reports from the Washington Post.

They met about foreign policy issues along with how the Department of Defense will be handled should Trump win a second term in the White House in November.

Just in the past year Trump and Gabbard have met in person once.

About foreign policy, the former congresswoman has being adamant in her stance on the U.S. limiting funding to Ukraine.

This stance has seen her become a popular figure with supporters of Trump.

“She appeals to Republicans who are skeptical of intervention overseas, which is now a majority of Republican voters,” Andrew Surabian, a Republican strategist, said.

Trump has said before that when he was president, he made the mistake of not picking the right leaders regarding foreign policy and defense.

If the former president is fortunate enough to win a second term, he’s made it a point to pick better leaders.

As for Gabbard, she left the Democrat Party only a few years ago, and has come to agree with Trump on policy issues.

She hasn’t said anything publicly about any of the talks she’s had with him, however.

It has been warned by national security experts that if Trump wins in November, it would prove to be a disaster to several U.S. alliances, including those in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

Trump believes that NATO needs to do it’s part in helping provide funding to Ukraine. That way it isn’t all on the United States to do so.

“He sees these treaties and partnerships as transactional relationships, and he is constantly looking at the ledger and saying, ‘Is this a good deal or this a bad idea?'” a former official for Trump said.

“He views America’s forces abroad, and America’s protection, as a service to be paid for.”

People can doubt Trump and his foreign policy all they want.

But the truth is, things domestic and abroad were much more stable with him in office than they are with President Joe Biden.

Maybe that’s why Tulsi Gabbard has decided to assist the former president as opposed to helping the current administration.

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